Review of Hollywood Psychics

hollywood psychics logoHollywood Psychics is a relative new psychic network and has a very different look and feel to it when compared with other psychic networks. The design of the site is young, playful and definitely female oriented, which may put some potential customers off. Hollywood Psychics provide both phone and chat readings for their customers.

Types of Readings

A good variety of reading types and styles are offered at Hollywood Psychics although the reading categories section is quite small; areas covered are sex and relationships, work and money, mind-body-spirit and family and friends. Some may feel that these categories are a little narrow, while other people may prefer the fact that there isn’t too much choice.

You can also search for a psychic by the tools they use, such as crystals, tarot, astrology, runes and numerology, or you can run a search based on the gift or specialist area of the psychic, such as medium, empath or past life reader, to name a few.

Some psychics only offer one type of reading, either phone or chat only, so make sure you check this information out before scheduling a reading.

Something I liked about the Hollywood Psychics website was that you can search for a reader by selecting the ‘style’ of reading they give. The styles covered are wise, direct, compassionate, expressive and thoughtful. This is a very helpful feature, as some people really appreciate psychics that give straightforward, no-nonsense advice, while others prefer a reader who provides messages in a more gentle, caring way.

Site Impressions

As I have mentioned already, the website has a young and girlish feel to it, and I feel that its colorful and cutesy appearance may be off-putting for some. Something else I found a little off-putting when I visited the site was the fact that many of the psychics working online didn’t have a profile picture, personally I like to know who I’m talking with.

The psychics’ profiles are good and clearly cover all the information you want to know; outlining their psychic abilities and displaying both their phone or chat schedules. You can also read client feedback on each psychic’s page and I was pleased to see that Hollywood Psychics prints both the positive and negative feedback their psychics receive. This definitely helps to give the site credibility, but some readers seemed to have a high level of poor feedback.

Psychic Screening Process

There isn’t a great deal of information on Hollywood Psychics about how the psychics working from this site are screened. On the FAQ page, I found only a short answer to the question “How experienced are the psychics?” This states that psychics working from the site go through a rigorous and detailed screening process. There is no mention of ongoing tests or the process Hollywood Psychics uses to vet its psychics.

Prices and Offers

Price per minute varies depending on the psychic, however, many seem to be set in the $2.95 – $4.95 range. New visitors to the site can get a free email reading by signing up to the site; all you need to do is send in your question and psychic will reply by email within 48 hours.


Hollywood Psychics has some good features; for example, searching for the right psychic for your particular needs is made easy, however, I felt that there was not enough information or reassurance given as to how psychics are screened and vetted before they’re allowed to work here. Overall, I feel that there are other psychic networks that offer the complete package.