How Healthy Habits Aid In Psychic Development

psychic abilityImagine trying to perform a complex mental task while feeling exhausted, sick, or out of sorts. You might experience a sort of brain fog that keeps you from doing your best. Now, imagine trying to use psychic abilities in the same exhausted state. It’s easy to imagine how any answers you might receive might be muddled or inaccurate. If you’re truly tired you’re often in a state of heightened imagination that is akin to dreaming to begin with, and imagination can too often be mistaken for psychic intuition. Your body and your mind are intensely connected, and you can’t develop one without paying a bit of attention to the other.

Adopt Healthy Sleeping Habits

Psychics should stay well-rested. This means developing good sleep hygiene: go to bed at the same time every night, get up at the same time every morning, and have a routine. You should be very careful about caffeine consumption since caffeine stays in your system for up to 12 hours, which can prevent you from attaining the deeper sleep states you need to feel truly rested. Be sure you are getting enough sleep as well: your psychic development will be hindered if you are only developing 4-5 hours a night to this vital function of bodily and spiritual repair. You’ll also miss out on dreams, which can be a powerful medium for psychic expression and a way that your subconscious, the part of your consciousness that is most linked to psychic ability, can communicate with you directly.

Adopt Healthy Eating Habits

Nobody likes hearing it, because processed foods are fun and they taste good to so many of us. But abandoning processed foods for a mostly plant-based diet of whole and living foods is a good way to cleanse the body of negative toxins and psychic clutter that can keep you from enjoying the full extent of your psychic ability. These foods can give you a great deal of the energy you need to maintain intuitive connections and can give you a clear body channel to work with. They can also help you heal pain and other conditions that might become distracting when you sit down to meditate or practice your psychic gifts. Most successful professional psychics are very careful about the foods that they take into their body because they understand they cannot be at their best while battling a case of indigestion!

Don’t Overuse Medicines

Of course, if you have a prescription medicine, you should by all means take it. However, we’ve been trained to reach for pills for every need. If you’re feeling groggy on cold and allergy medications you’re not going to do much psychic development that day. Whenever possible you should try gentler natural remedies or herbal remedies to help you.


Exercise can help you feel better, stronger, and more confident, which are huge boons to psychic development. Psychic ability is all about positive empowerment. It’s difficult to feel positive and empowered when you feel slow, sluggish, or out of shape. It’s much easier when you’ve actually gotten out there and done something powerful! Let your outer body reflect the inner ability you’d like to shape inside of your life. Set the intention that your third eye will be healthy because the rest of you is healthy, and then start moving in the direction of forging that intention into a reality.

Healthy Thoughts

Having healthy thoughts is another good way to make sure that you maximize your psychic development. If you are constantly filling your mind with negative self-talk it’s going to be difficult to trust yourself or your intuition enough to give clear, accurate psychic readings. In addition, filling your life with a flood of negativity doesn’t qualify you to offer clarity and positive direction to others who might need your help, which is generally the purpose of a well-developed psychic gift.