How to Choose One of the Best Online Psychics

An online psychic is someone who relies heavily on telepathy to provide clients with information that would otherwise be unknown. A psychic may be able to tell you things about your future, including what you can expect to experience in your professional life and your personal life. Many people want to receive psychic readings because they have questions about things that are going on in their lives or because there are certain things they want to know about the relationships they are in, and a psychic is the person who can help them.

Psychic Kolor

Before hiring the best online psychics, you should make sure you are choosing a reliable and trustworthy person to provide psychic readings and other services to you. There are certain steps you can take to ensure you are working with someone with true talent who wants to provide you with meaningful and useful information.

Find Out How Much the Psychic Is Charging

Start by finding out how much some of the different online psychics are charging because not all psychics charge the same amount of money for the various services they offer to their clients. You do not want to get stuck paying a bit too much for a service that is being offered by someone else with the same level of experience at a much lower rate. It helps to compare the cost and go off the average cost of a psychic session to ensure that you are getting a great deal on a service that is important to you for different reasons.

Get an Idea of What Other People Think

Before you pay the psychic to provide a reading and offer some valuable insight, you should try to do some of your own research on him or her. You may want to look up the psychic’s name to search for some details about this individual and the experience he or she has as a psychic. There is a possibility you will be able to find reviews from clients who regularly go to this specific psychic to receive their reading because they genuinely believe in what they are hearing. If a psychic is making the experience even more enjoyable and is providing accurate information, the clients are going to want to tell plenty of others about the impeccable service they received.

Avoid Telling the Psychic Too Much Information

After you have selected the psychic based on how much is being charged, the experience the psychic has, and any of the reviews you were able to find, you should be prepared to do more listening than speaking. You should not have to tell the psychic too much information about you because he or she should already know a lot of this information in the first place.

You may need to provide small details, such as the name of person you want to find out more about, but you should not have to give the psychic a bunch of details about your life because those are things the psychic should know. If you are not giving out a bunch of information and the psychic is telling you things that are completely accurate and on point, you will know that you have hired one of the best online psychics available.

If you are interested in finding out more about your future, an online psychic reading could provide you with some of the information you are interested in learning. However, you need to make sure you are hiring a trustworthy and experienced psychic to assist you. The best way to find the right online psychic to help is to compare the cost of the services, check out what other people are saying, and then schedule a session for yourself to see how accurate the psychic is when discussing your life with you.

The Benefits of Asking Yes or No Psychic Questions

When it comes to things that may occur in life it is only normal to wish to have drawn out explanations but in order to get the most direct answer a yes or no answer can go a long way. This is especially true when it comes to consulting a psychic. While they have insight o the grand scheme of your life path they may not have all of the details that you desire.

When asking yes or no psychic questions, it is important to remember that they don’t necessarily know everything that will happen in the future. Their knowledge can be relatively limited in the grand scope. This does not mean that they don’t have insight into the future but that they can only take in certain information. This is one major reason that Sony asking questions that can be answered with a yes or no can give you the highest quality information.

Additionally, receiving too much information from your psychic can actually lead to more confusion. It is only natural for an abundance of information to lead to even more questions than you would have otherwise. It can also lead to you over thinking. You may find yourself wondering even more about which decision to make instead of just accepting the path that you should take moving forward. Simple answers can lead to making simple decisions easily.


Learning how to phrase your questions properly can be challenging. It will likely take you some time to get used to but once you learn to ask questions in that manner it will come naturally. The key is to take the time to think about the question at hand before you ask. Just about anything can be answered with a yes or no, it just depends on how the question is worded. The Best beginning to use is “should I” followed by the action you are considering taking. Of course there are other ways to phrase your question but this is a good way to get used to keeping your questions simple.

Psychics may have more information than you request from them, but in most cases they will disclose this if they find it to be of importance. They understand human nature and seek to give their clients comfort with the truth they speak. Asking Yes Or no questions is the best way to get the information that you truly need.

Things To Consider Before Getting A Psychic Reading

tarot deckPsychic readings are sessions conducted by individuals with ESP, or extra sensory perception. Their perception may come in one or several forms, from intuition to contact with spirits who have passed on. Other psychics may gather their information using tarot cards or other methods. Psychics use their abilities to answer your questions and help guide you in your current situation.

Psychic readings have been practiced for thousands of years. Shamans, Mystics, Seers, and Mediums are only some of the names used to describe psychics from the past. Today, there are more people in the world, and therefore, more people who claim to have ESP. Needless to say, many of these “psychics” are fraudulent. Before booking a reading, you’ll want to know whether or not the psychic is authentic or not. Consider the following aspects to avoid booking a reading with a fake.

Do Research and Check References

Ask for testimonials, do research, and even ask around about a psychic. Word of mouth is how most psychics receive clientele because their work speaks for itself. Find out whether or not the psychic is worth your time or a waste of money.

Choose Psychics Known for Being Positive

When having a psychic reading, you shouldn’t feel scared. Reputable psychics will never evoke fear into you by predicting a tragedy or telling you that you’re cursed. True, authentic psychics will do their best to guide you without interfering and will refresh your mind and spirit.

If It Doesn’t Feel Right, Leave

If you’re uncomfortable or feel as if the psychic is a fake, then leave. Some psychics will try to suck money out of you by increasing their rates or pushing merchandise on you. Some might even go as far as suggesting that you return in order to remove a curse or “bad spell” that’s been cast on you. If that is the case, walk away.

Things to Consider Before Your Reading

Don’t expect a straight-forward, specific answer every time. Of course, we all have questions that we want answers to, but psychics don’t always receive the message you want them to receive. If your psychic gives you the chance to ask questions, then ask away. However, don’t expect anything incredibly specific. If you’re lucky, however, you might just get what you’re looking for!

Also, sometimes the answer isn’t as direct as it might seem. Little details, like unusual words or phrases, could actually have quite a bit of meaning. If possible, write down the information that your psychic is giving you so that you can reference it later. Sometimes, you may notice that the words or phrases uttered don’t mean anything until much later.

Let your psychic do what he or she is blessed to do. The powers that be will guide your psychic, so it’s best that you do not criticize them or ramble on and on. This may affect their ability to “tune in” to their ESP, rendering the session less accurate than it could have been. Not to mention, a fake psychic will take any information you provide and spin it to make it seem as though they’re picking up on things about you.

A true reading from an authentic psychic has the potential to surprise you and even instill a faith that there is something greater out there. As long as you’re aware of who you’re dealing with and know what to expect, you’re chances of having a positive reading are high.

How Healthy Habits Aid In Psychic Development

psychic abilityImagine trying to perform a complex mental task while feeling exhausted, sick, or out of sorts. You might experience a sort of brain fog that keeps you from doing your best. Now, imagine trying to use psychic abilities in the same exhausted state. It’s easy to imagine how any answers you might receive might be muddled or inaccurate. If you’re truly tired you’re often in a state of heightened imagination that is akin to dreaming to begin with, and imagination can too often be mistaken for psychic intuition. Your body and your mind are intensely connected, and you can’t develop one without paying a bit of attention to the other.

Adopt Healthy Sleeping Habits

Psychics should stay well-rested. This means developing good sleep hygiene: go to bed at the same time every night, get up at the same time every morning, and have a routine. You should be very careful about caffeine consumption since caffeine stays in your system for up to 12 hours, which can prevent you from attaining the deeper sleep states you need to feel truly rested. Be sure you are getting enough sleep as well: your psychic development will be hindered if you are only developing 4-5 hours a night to this vital function of bodily and spiritual repair. You’ll also miss out on dreams, which can be a powerful medium for psychic expression and a way that your subconscious, the part of your consciousness that is most linked to psychic ability, can communicate with you directly.

Adopt Healthy Eating Habits

Nobody likes hearing it, because processed foods are fun and they taste good to so many of us. But abandoning processed foods for a mostly plant-based diet of whole and living foods is a good way to cleanse the body of negative toxins and psychic clutter that can keep you from enjoying the full extent of your psychic ability. These foods can give you a great deal of the energy you need to maintain intuitive connections and can give you a clear body channel to work with. They can also help you heal pain and other conditions that might become distracting when you sit down to meditate or practice your psychic gifts. Most successful professional psychics are very careful about the foods that they take into their body because they understand they cannot be at their best while battling a case of indigestion!

Don’t Overuse Medicines

Of course, if you have a prescription medicine, you should by all means take it. However, we’ve been trained to reach for pills for every need. If you’re feeling groggy on cold and allergy medications you’re not going to do much psychic development that day. Whenever possible you should try gentler natural remedies or herbal remedies to help you.


Exercise can help you feel better, stronger, and more confident, which are huge boons to psychic development. Psychic ability is all about positive empowerment. It’s difficult to feel positive and empowered when you feel slow, sluggish, or out of shape. It’s much easier when you’ve actually gotten out there and done something powerful! Let your outer body reflect the inner ability you’d like to shape inside of your life. Set the intention that your third eye will be healthy because the rest of you is healthy, and then start moving in the direction of forging that intention into a reality.

Healthy Thoughts

Having healthy thoughts is another good way to make sure that you maximize your psychic development. If you are constantly filling your mind with negative self-talk it’s going to be difficult to trust yourself or your intuition enough to give clear, accurate psychic readings. In addition, filling your life with a flood of negativity doesn’t qualify you to offer clarity and positive direction to others who might need your help, which is generally the purpose of a well-developed psychic gift.

Review of Hollywood Psychics

hollywood psychics logoHollywood Psychics is a relative new psychic network and has a very different look and feel to it when compared with other psychic networks. The design of the site is young, playful and definitely female oriented, which may put some potential customers off. Hollywood Psychics provide both phone and chat readings for their customers.

Types of Readings

A good variety of reading types and styles are offered at Hollywood Psychics although the reading categories section is quite small; areas covered are sex and relationships, work and money, mind-body-spirit and family and friends. Some may feel that these categories are a little narrow, while other people may prefer the fact that there isn’t too much choice.

You can also search for a psychic by the tools they use, such as crystals, tarot, astrology, runes and numerology, or you can run a search based on the gift or specialist area of the psychic, such as medium, empath or past life reader, to name a few.

Some psychics only offer one type of reading, either phone or chat only, so make sure you check this information out before scheduling a reading.

Something I liked about the Hollywood Psychics website was that you can search for a reader by selecting the ‘style’ of reading they give. The styles covered are wise, direct, compassionate, expressive and thoughtful. This is a very helpful feature, as some people really appreciate psychics that give straightforward, no-nonsense advice, while others prefer a reader who provides messages in a more gentle, caring way.

Site Impressions

As I have mentioned already, the website has a young and girlish feel to it, and I feel that its colorful and cutesy appearance may be off-putting for some. Something else I found a little off-putting when I visited the site was the fact that many of the psychics working online didn’t have a profile picture, personally I like to know who I’m talking with.

The psychics’ profiles are good and clearly cover all the information you want to know; outlining their psychic abilities and displaying both their phone or chat schedules. You can also read client feedback on each psychic’s page and I was pleased to see that Hollywood Psychics prints both the positive and negative feedback their psychics receive. This definitely helps to give the site credibility, but some readers seemed to have a high level of poor feedback.

Psychic Screening Process

There isn’t a great deal of information on Hollywood Psychics about how the psychics working from this site are screened. On the FAQ page, I found only a short answer to the question “How experienced are the psychics?” This states that psychics working from the site go through a rigorous and detailed screening process. There is no mention of ongoing tests or the process Hollywood Psychics uses to vet its psychics.

Prices and Offers

Price per minute varies depending on the psychic, however, many seem to be set in the $2.95 – $4.95 range. New visitors to the site can get a free email reading by signing up to the site; all you need to do is send in your question and psychic will reply by email within 48 hours.


Hollywood Psychics has some good features; for example, searching for the right psychic for your particular needs is made easy, however, I felt that there was not enough information or reassurance given as to how psychics are screened and vetted before they’re allowed to work here. Overall, I feel that there are other psychic networks that offer the complete package.

A Deeper Way To Learn The Tarot

tarot cardsWhen you purchase a Tarot deck you may be tempted to think the booklet that comes along with the cards is all there is to it. But if you want to master the art of Tarot cards you are going to have to look deeper. Here are some techniques for delving more deeply into the mysteries of Tarot cards.

Read Tarot Card Books

There are many excellent Tarot card books that can teach you new spreads and new ways to read the Tarot. Some will also teach you more about the history of Tarot, which can help you gain a new appreciation for the art form. Try Beyond the Celtic Cross by Paul Hughes-Barlow and Catherine Chapman. This book will teach you some new ways to examine Tarot spreads by studying the elemental relationships between the cards. Other good examples of books to try include Tarot and the Magus by Paul Hughes-Barlow, The Complete Tarot Reader by Teresa Michelsen, and 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card by Mary K. Greer.

Meditate on the Cards

Every reader interprets the cards just a little bit differently. As you spend time with each Tarot card you’ll discover what they generally mean for you, and you’ll grow beyond simply trying to memorize other people’s interpretations of each card. You should always be prepared to let each Tarot card tell you a story, which is why you should always choose a deck that offers plenty of artistic detail. Of course, it’s important to learn the basics first by reading up on the traditional meanings of each card.

Once you’ve achieved a foundation of knowledge you can meditate on each card individually to allow your subconscious mind to make more connections and offer you greater insights. Meditating on each individual card at a rate of perhaps one card per day is also a good way to bond with a new Tarot deck, ensuring that you spend enough time with it to make it effective.

Practice Whenever You Can

It takes thousands of hours of practice to get truly adept at working with Tarot cards. Don’t pass upon an opportunity to develop your skills. Tarot skills include interpreting the cards and learning which spreads to use for which situations. They also include developing your overall intuition, learning how to listen to it and trust it. Learning how to focus and open your mind enough to get insights on the relationships between the cards matters too. Finally, each card offers five or six meanings at a time even when you only look at the traditional meanings.

A good reader can generally pick up on which interpretation is the right one. Trying to apply all interpretations to all questions usually leads to a bad reading. Applying the meaning of the card to the card’s position in a spread is another important skill. If you find The Moon in the “outside influences” position it could mean the querent is a victim of deception. Finding the same card in the “subconscious mind” position probably means the querent is busy deceiving himself! Getting them mixed up won’t lead to a good reading.

Talk to Experienced Psychics

It’s always a good idea to learn from those who have cultivated the skills you are attempting to master. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to seek help from others in the psychic community, whether in person at conventions and fairs or online through forums and chat rooms. Many people are more than willing to share some of their knowledge with someone who is eager to learn.